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Collected scientific articles. Series 2, Technique and nature.

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Scientific e-journal of Chernihiv State Institute of Economics and Management. Collected scientific articles. Series 2, Technique and nature. – Chernihiv: ChSIEM, 2011.–№2(2).–180 p.

Yatskiv Ya. S., Tereshchuk O. I., Khoda O. O., Korzachenko M. M., Nystoriak I. O., Kulyk V. M. The main stages of installation of the permanent GPS-station in Korop
Burachek V. H., Zatserkovny V. I., Belenok V. Yu. The operational effectiveness of subpixel technologies of objects’ image synthesis for the large-scale aerospace survey
Ivanyshyn V. A., Menailov O. M., Shevchenko A. F., Prybytko I. O. Some peculiarities of ruptures morphology
Zatserkovnyi V. I., Krivoberets S. V., Levchenko M. H. Actualization of topographical and cadastral maps with GPS-receivers
Zatserkovnyi V. I., Kryvoberets S. V., Serhiienko V. V. Using GIS and remote sensing for agricultural land monitoring
Zatserkovnyi V. I., Simakin Yu. S., Serhiienko V. V. The radiological monitoring of territories using geoinformation technologies
Tereshchuk О. I., Shcherbak Yu. V. The determination of the optimal landmark accuracy in cities
Zatserkovnyi V. I., Kryvoberets S. V. The development of approaches to create geoinformation system of agricultural land monitoring
Movenko V. I. The bank protection monitoring of the Dnieper near urban settlement Liubech
Horodyskyi H. O. The use of free software in forestry

Bokhanov I. I. The use of geoinformation systems in military science
Zatserkovnyi V. I., Kryvoberets S. V. The application analysis of geoinformation technologies in the arable land monitoring
Zatserkovnyi V. I., Simakin Yu. S., Serhiienko V. V. The use of geoinformation technologies in a region management system
Siemaka О. M. The usage of data-processing system for the evaluation of local pollution safety in Chernihiv region

Ivanova I. M., Shevchenko O. O. The use of nitro-denitrification technology for effective sewage treatment
Іvаnоvа I. M., Ostrianska N. I. Hydrobiological monitoring of activated sludge is the basis of effective sewage treatment and the protection of water pond from contamination
Zavatskyi S. V., Korzachenko M. M., Samodielok V. A. Accounting negative natural factors in building foundation design
Mykhailovskyi D. V., Kovalenko M. S., Matiushchenko D. M. The analysis of technical and technological properties of glued wood as a perspective material for building structures
Skliarov I. O. The perspectives of frame structures development made of welded I-beams with flexible wall

Moshel N. V. The influence of boundary conditions on the NLC reorientation over the dielectric defect
Sakhno Yu. O., Sakhno Ye. Yu., Shevchenko Ya. V. The analysis of multiple-stream throttle divider to determine the quality and the reliability of its operation
Korniienko I. V. The aspects of geoinformation technologies application for the optimization of radio frequency resource distribution

Sakhno Ye. Yu., Kundenko А. V., Moroz N. V. Deviation regulation in strategy realization of investment projects
Sakhno Ye. Yu., Kundenko А. V., Lazovska K. V. The choice of parameters for the quality provision of investment projects calculation

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