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O. Abakumenko, P. Lukyashko

The determinants of Ukrainian financial service market

On the basis of historical and political analysis of development conditions of financial intermediation in Ukraine and the statistical information, in the article it is proved that one of the basic problems in financial market development was and still is a low level of economic literacy of the population. Its increase is a top priority task in provision of development uniformity of various types of financial intermediation.

Key words: financial service market of Ukraine, banking system of Ukraine, financial market stability.

V. Golub

Debatable issues of finances economic essence

The article is devoted to generalization of the author’s teaching materials aimed at intensification of mastering the basic concepts of the general course in finances. The place of financial science among other theoretical courses is clearly defined. The author reveals the essence of finances as a very complicated multi-aspect social phenomenon that has a visible side, which is associated with cash payments, and the invisible side, which reflects the value movement of created GDP through the exchange-distributive processes.

Key words: finances, money calculations, IGP

Dr. Wojciech Misterek,

Maria Curie-Skłodowska University

Main sources of financing the education of students

in Poland

The article referred to the four sources of acquiring finances by students. They are: parents’ income, students’ employment (temporary or permanent), repayable means from financial institutions, financial help of the state.

Another common source of supplementary means for financing education are grants, especially merit-based scholarships. The research has also shown that the interest in financing studies by means of student loans is relatively low.

Key words: education, students, source of financing, student loans, grants.

O. Klymenko


The article gives the evaluation of health protection systems in European region and suggests the most perspective (in the view of probable usage in home practice) directions of development and improvement of obligatory medical insurance system.

Key words: the sphere of health protection, the model of Bismarck, Beveridge, Semashko, medical insurance, financing.

V. Surzhyk

Finances of integrate corporate structures

The article deals with integrate corporate structures which are studied as a group of enterprises interdependent by system of partnership. The analyses of different actions of this group of enterprises realized by its participants, is carried out.

Key words: finance, enterprises.

L. Lebedynska, L. Remneva



The article deals with the influence of financial globalization on insurance companies’ activity. The most important factors retarding the development of domestic insurance market are revealed. Methods of supporting the financial stability of domestic insurance companies in the global environment are elaborated.

Key words: insurance market, financial globalization, financial stability.


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